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The last two decades have seen quite an evolution of quantity takeoff tools – vital elements of construction projects. Gone are the days of roller balls and paper plans; today, it’s all about technology reaching the shores of planning and estimation. The significant changes experienced by quantity takeoffs resulted in more accurate results and easier lives for contractors and estimators. After all, no one enjoys spending too much time counting windows, doors, and columns. Recently, companies dedicated to takeoff services developed...Continue reading »

You don’t have to leave your room to make money. If you’ve been pretty observant in the last few years, more and more people are relying on the internet for supplemental income. Some people even make their entire livelihood off of the internet. Sure, it may not sound legitimate for someone who hasn’t read up and talked to people who actually do it, but that’s just the reality of today’s connected world. A lot of commerce happens online and there are definitely opportunities to cash in if you look hard enough. If you’re interested...Continue reading »

As the workplace keeps expanding out of the office, more people are realizing the benefits of quitting their 9-to-5, cubicle-bound jobs to work at home. If you are attracted to the idea of working on your own schedule, in your pajamas, and with the ability to stay in touch with your children all the time, consider the following legitimate jobs to help launch your work-at-home career: 1.  Answer surveys. Get paid for your opinions and answer online surveys conducted by corporate marketing teams. While answering surveys will not make you...Continue reading »

Google recently confirmed that they had brought emojis back to the search results listing page. Back in 2015, the search engine giant promised to drop emojis from the search engine results pages (SERPs), after promising to disable them over webmaster abuse. Now Google finally had a change of heart, with emojis showing up again in snippets in both desktop and mobile results. They added further context, saying that emojis will appear more useful, relevant, and fun and that we can expect to see more of them in the future. And it’s shaping...Continue reading »

People are traveling now more than ever. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, there were 1.184 billion individuals who traveled outside their country for at least one night in 2015. This continued demand has something to do with the exchange rate fluctuations that leave people with more disposable income. The boost in tourism means travel agencies are as busy as ever. Since it’s a competitive industry, neglecting to provide quick response to inquiries about flights and tour information is usually an enough reason...Continue reading »

Allan J. Murray, the CEO of a health insurance company, spends some time every week at his company’s call center. It isn’t just a matter of finding something to do or helping out his staff. To him, it is a means of getting to know the community and growing with the company. To give you a background on the situation, call centers agents like operators spend their day on the phone, addressing the concerns of customers. They go through proper training to provide good service and a knowledgeable response. Murray...Continue reading »

So you want a website for your business. There are many DIY website design platforms out there. While they can help you create a website, they don’t actually help you in optimising and maximising your investments in digital marketing. Working with professional web design teams can help you address some of the most common problems websites face today. Here are 4 big ones that you need to focus on. 1. Responsive Design Did you know that 30 percent of mobile online cut a transaction because the site is not optimised for mobile? Clearly,...Continue reading »

The Internet has done a lot of things for people. You might have noticed how this technology evolved throughout the years, and how it has made most tasks more efficient and convenient. Gone are the days when you had to search high and low for information; a few clicks of the mouse will take you to several websites, and to a multitude of information available. Going Digital at Home Part of the hesitation in some parents to allow their children to go digital is because of the seeming “addiction” of children to social networking sites. As much as possible, parents...Continue reading »

With the many books, manuals and detailed infographics on construction cost estimating, these rules of thumb and opinions should have led to more satisfied clients, which is not the case. Why? There is hardly a universal guide for estimating construction project costs for one of the following three reasons: optimal estimating measures depend on accurate takeoff tools, every cost estimation procedure is unique to each construction project and the efficiency of cost estimating, in general, varies with experience and judgment. The good news Fortunately,...Continue reading »

Based on figures from Statista, mobile phone users around the world will reach 4.77 billion in 2017. Meanwhile, a 2015 survey conducted by Flurry found that mobile users spend 90 percent of their online time using mobile apps instead of the mobile web. It is no wonder that more businesses are leveraging on this mobile revolution. Mobile app developers in Denver have been helping businesses take advantage of the increasing mobile users in the U.S. Here are four ways your business can benefit from having its own mobile app. Mobile apps create...Continue reading »