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Designs come and go. What was once a popular design a few years ago may not hold up today. It is the painful truth that many designers have to deal with. It makes their job harder as they have to find different ways to create something new and fresh. But that does not mean that they cannot use old designs. There are still many designs that have managed to stand the test of time. Industrial designs may seem tacky in today’s contemporary age. But if used right, it can still be a good choice for many designers. You see, the execution...Continue reading »

Espionage is everywhere in the corporate world. Spying, headhunting, and hacking are everyday occurrences that happen to every company. While eliminating these problems might be impossible, you can minimize their occurrence and give the other company a harder time. Secure Your Information Secure your data the same way you secure your building — with trained security experts. If your company connects to the web/Internet, you’ll need to secure those connections from hackers, phishers, viruses, and Trojan programs. The usual anti-virus...Continue reading »

As a small business owner here in Northampton, you’re probably enjoying the favourable business climate in one of the UK’s top areas for growth. But as more people have come to town over the past few years and started doing business, you’ll be facing increased competition as well. You may find it essential to ask the question: are your marketing efforts truly effective at increasing your exposure and creating a good return on investment? Have a look at these three common marketing mistakes you might have made, and consider working...Continue reading »

By now, business owners should have an idea about the importance of building a website. If you don’t have a website, you can lose potential clients. You will also miss the enormous opportunity to build your brand’s online reputation. Despite this information, a lot of business owners still don’t have their website. Almost 2 million small and medium businesses in the United Kingdom continue running their business without a website. Did you know that having a website can give you as much as $106 billion increase in revenue per year?...Continue reading »

Athletes are some of the most revered people in the planet. Almost every person in every country has an athlete that he or she idolises, and because of this high level of adulation, some of these athletes believe they deserve to get anything they want. So, if you want to know which athlete has some ridiculous demands in his contract, then read on. Bobby Bonilla New York Mets’ left fielder Bobby Bonilla is living the quiet life after retiring from major league baseball back in 2001. But, that doesn’t mean this athlete isn’t getting...Continue reading »

If you have thought about whether or not to use outsourced IT development for mobile applications, the growth of mobile e-commerce serves as a good enough reason. According to Forrester Research, 65% of American adults used their mobile phone daily to access the Internet and buy consumer products. Likewise, Forrester and the National Retail Federation (NRF) released a study that showed the increasing growth in retail sales from mobile apps. The sale of mobile gadgets and browsers have steadily outpaced desktop computers through the years....Continue reading »

In every business, it’s necessary to constantly try to get new clients. You may have proper leads sometimes, but eventually, you’ll run out of people to call on your list. When this happens, you’ll need to do something that many newbie salespeople hate: take cold calls. Cold calls can be difficult and frustrating because you’re calling up strangers who don’t know a thing about what your company is and the products or services you’re selling. Most of the time, they would just tell you that they’re not interested or slam...Continue reading »

When you run a business, it is important that you find customers. The best way to do that is by running a proper marketing campaign. The problem is that it can have a high cost. But thanks to modern technology, there are several marketing options out there that even small businesses can use. Here are some of them: Referral Marketing The problem that many businesses have when marketing themselves is that people are often wary about self-promotion. This is where referral marketing comes in. This approach turns over the duty of marketing...Continue reading »

For the past years, data breaches are becoming norms than exceptions. Breach Level Index revealed more than 14 billion data records had been stolen or lost since 2013. That means every day, businesses lose an average of 5 million records. That’s about 68 breached data records per second. These cybercrimes are expensive—in fact, too costly for many businesses. By 2021, this will balloon to $6 trillion a year. That’s double the amount in 2015. It doesn’t come as a surprise that about 60% of small companies eventually shut down after...Continue reading »

You’re working for a brand design studio based in Phoenix, Arizona. You’re one of the leads in the creative department. You’ve worked on visuals for websites, large format signages, book covers, product labels, and other similar projects. You love your work, using the tools available, and working with fellow creative people. But it’s something that you’ve done for the past three years, and you are looking for a different challenge. You’re a self-taught artist, which was the reason why you landed a job in the creative field....Continue reading »