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Being on the other side of the globe, away from family, is unbearable for most people, especially if they are compelled to travel for so long. But staying in touch with people from home shouldn’t be a problem with digital tools at your disposal and some creativity.  Here are some ideas on how to do so: Make an online scrapbook Family Fusion: Bonding, Sharing, and Learning...Continue reading »

You might think that wood dust is harmless, even if it makes you sneeze. However, if you are around it a lot, you can get sick. Sanders, routers, and circular saws make tiny particles of wood fly up into the air and stay there for a long time. You may not even be aware that you are breathing it in. Even if you like the smell of wood in the air, it is not good for you....Continue reading »

No one is truly safe in the workplace when it comes to work-related injuries. Despite the solutions you use to protect your premises against common work...Continue reading »

A business needs a product or a service that is valuable to their target market. This, however, is just a single part of the equation. Your products are...Continue reading »

Keeping manual count of people visiting particular premises or stores is possible, but it is a painstaking process. There is also no guarantee that this...Continue reading »

Professional skeptic James Randi has been debunking paranormal experts, faith healers, and other frauds since 1972. A magician during the first half of...Continue reading »