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Being a tourist involves taking photographs. With a beautiful country like Singapore, it’s important to always carry your camera, so you won’t miss every perfect photo opportunity. If you’re itching to go on a photo walk, below are top five photogenic places in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands is definitely the most impressive structure in Singapore these days. People love it not only for its unique design and great amenities, but also for its priceless and stunning view at the top. Designed by renowned...Continue reading »

Ever since camping became a leisure activity or career for some, people have been looking for compact sources of electricity. Batteries were the answer for a long time, and it still is. Nothing packs so much in a little packaging than handy batteries. Only when renewable energy caught the attention of the international community was the little shells of power had a rival. Although not as ready-to-use as batteries, solar power kits used for camping are able to store more energy. You can fill it before setting out so you won’t have to...Continue reading »

Pharmacy benefit management software (PBMs) continues to improve the changing healthcare landscape. With prescription drugs on the rise affecting employees’ compensation, more businesses are turning to PBMs to reduce health care costs. Beyond the money saving benefits, companies are able to improve their services, make pharmacy access easier and keep claims costs in balance. For the full maximization of these perks, however, you need to have the right PBM solution in place. To help you with that, here are the things you have to look...Continue reading »

The entire world depends on technology in different ways. In big sectors such as retail and natural resources, IT-based innovations and robotics advanced the business approach tenfold. Moreover, manpower is essential to look over the software that is programmed to do the job by itself. Even in the small things, people let their gadgets do the work. That is why the more technology advance, the more risk must be taken to provide better services. This risk, however small it is, is all what hackers need to expose or extract valuable personal...Continue reading »

The Internet has never been this accessible. Customers young and old are scouring the World Wide Web looking for informative, engaging, and relatable content. As a brand manager, you need to identify the audience that your business needs to capture. It could be children or teenagers looking for party ideas, or young professionals searching for career growth, business owners who want to expand their portfolios, or even mums and dads who are simply finding ways on how to better parent their kids. An Overlooked Audience Among the most common...Continue reading »

A Google penalty can take anyone by surprise, even SEO professionals. It could be the result of an algorithm update or a consequence of committing some black-hat SEO tactics. Either way, read on this discussion from Zoo SEO to find out what you are dealing with and how to get back on track. What You Did Wrong If your site somehow triggered one of the safeguards of Google’s algorithm, then you will get a penalty. But, it is also possible that Google has particularly reviewed the website and spotted a breach in its guidelines—for instance,...Continue reading »

Ah, webinars. Holding a business conference and providing training with a select pool of individuals have never been easier before this technology came into the picture. Convenient, interactive, cost-effective—web conferencing lets you leverage power of content to promote your brand or solutions, educate your audiences, and establish your authority in your industry. As webinars are not created equal, it’s quite a challenge to hold one that can truly work wonders for your business. According to Adigo—a premier provider of corporate...Continue reading »

Wonder why some websites now use more words and less pictures instead? Words, not just fluff, grab people’s attention. If your flashy website doesn’t work, you may want to add more words to it. Having fluff may spice up your website, but it may also work against you. Focusing more on words is important for many reasons: Preventing mixed signals Fluff can liven up your website as they can convey what you can’t imagine with words. Too much fluff may confuse the viewers. Your website will look like a puzzle to them. Adding words may...Continue reading »

Every element of a website contributes to its SEO value in one way or another. In the case of web design, it is responsible for providing a seamless, flawless experience to every visitor. The problem, however, is that not all design elements contribute toward this objective. There are some techniques that actually provide an adverse effect on SEO. Here are three of them: Endless Scrolling First on the list is endless scrolling, a useful technique many designers misunderstand. Most people think that this is great because it removes the...Continue reading »

Think outdoor advertising is only for huge companies, such as Google or Vogue? Think again. Small and medium businesses five decades ago were not like they are today. So, outdoor advertising is no longer an impossible choice for you. Back then, newspapers, posters and even leaflets were among the go-to strategies to market a business. Now, billboards have become the ideal option to strengthen brand and engage bigger audiences. In every city and major roads, there are many billboards in different sizes and shapes. Each of them strives to...Continue reading »