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A Google penalty can take anyone by surprise, even SEO professionals. It could be the result of an algorithm update or a consequence of committing some black-hat SEO tactics. Either way, read on this discussion from Zoo SEO to find out what you are dealing with and how to get back on track. What You Did Wrong If your site somehow triggered one of the safeguards of Google’s algorithm, then you will get a penalty. But, it is also possible that Google has particularly reviewed the website and spotted a breach in its guidelines—for instance,...Continue reading »

Ah, webinars. Holding a business conference and providing training with a select pool of individuals have never been easier before this technology came into the picture. Convenient, interactive, cost-effective—web conferencing lets you leverage power of content to promote your brand or solutions, educate your audiences, and establish your authority in your industry. As webinars are not created equal, it’s quite a challenge to hold one that can truly work wonders for your business. According to Adigo—a premier provider of corporate...Continue reading »

Wonder why some websites now use more words and less pictures instead? Words, not just fluff, grab people’s attention. If your flashy website doesn’t work, you may want to add more words to it. Having fluff may spice up your website, but it may also work against you. Focusing more on words is important for many reasons: Preventing mixed signals Fluff can liven up your website as they can convey what you can’t imagine with words. Too much fluff may confuse the viewers. Your website will look like a puzzle to them. Adding words may...Continue reading »

Every element of a website contributes to its SEO value in one way or another. In the case of web design, it is responsible for providing a seamless, flawless experience to every visitor. The problem, however, is that not all design elements contribute toward this objective. There are some techniques that actually provide an adverse effect on SEO. Here are three of them: Endless Scrolling First on the list is endless scrolling, a useful technique many designers misunderstand. Most people think that this is great because it removes the...Continue reading »

Think outdoor advertising is only for huge companies, such as Google or Vogue? Think again. Small and medium businesses five decades ago were not like they are today. So, outdoor advertising is no longer an impossible choice for you. Back then, newspapers, posters and even leaflets were among the go-to strategies to market a business. Now, billboards have become the ideal option to strengthen brand and engage bigger audiences. In every city and major roads, there are many billboards in different sizes and shapes. Each of them strives to...Continue reading »

Michigan is one of the busiest cities in America. Any business that plans to survive needs to conquer the streets and the online market simultaneously. The key to the latter is a good web design that is appealing and uses SEO techniques. Proper Balance of Responsive and Dynamic Designs According to Studio 7, there are two different methods that designers account for when designing: responsive web design and dynamic web design. • Responsive design – this type of design allows a single website to automatically change its layout to optimize...Continue reading »

In the business world, marketing is like oxygen. It keeps things going; it is the key to growth and better conversions. With social media controlling a huge chunk of the Internet traffic, many business strategists show interest in social media marketing. The interest is noble, but some implementation strategies are not. Many social media marketing strategies work on myths rather than facts. Even though using these strategies might bear immediate results, the actual ROI from these results is more often than not useless. Here are some of...Continue reading »

The success of a project often depends on the capabilities of the handling manager. As part of the person’s daily activities, they have to make sure the plans are on the right track and everything is well accounted for. The manager has to be well equipped with proper knowledge and skills to secure the project’s success. Here are some of the basic training programs a project manager should undergo for an efficient and effective leadership: Resource Management Training Resources come from different aspects – financial, information,...Continue reading »

In today’s business atmosphere, you need to the find the best solution to secure vital information about your company. This includes all your transactions, your clients’ and employees’ profiles, and other important data. This is why IT consulting teams like strongly recommend IT security consulting. Having a secured system can also help maintain a healthy relationship with your clients. In this post, you’ll get information about how to get the best program for your business. – Risk assessment First, you need to...Continue reading »

Queries or updates take longer than expected to perform for a variety of reasons. Most slow-running queries may be due to performance problems related to the network or the machine where the SQL server is running. Issues with the physical database design or code problem can also cause them. Analyse why the server and query are running slow to determine your SQL troubleshooting needs. The Query When analysing a slow query, it is important to examine the execution plan to pinpoint the cause of the problem. You can do this by using an SQL...Continue reading »