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One can never stress enough the importance of cybersecurity to the business and even the country. In the 2018 cost of data breach report, this cyber issue cost a whopping $3.86 million. It was nearly 7% higher than in 2017 information. To make matters worse, cybercrimes will only become more complicated in the future. Kaspersky believed that by 2020, at least two main groups would dominate. One of these will be more business-centric. Their “work” will involve beyond stealing data files for sale in the black market. They will participate...Continue reading »

SEO is currently the buzzword in digital marketing. Though it cuts across all forms of digital marketing, most companies focus their SEO efforts solely on their website. That said, their social media and PPC platforms continually suffer from losses. You can employ several SEO tactics on all the platforms you use for digital marketing. These techniques are designed to complement your website’s SEO efforts and boost its overall ranking on search engines. The key to reaping the benefits of digital marketing, as an SEO services provider...Continue reading »

From Taiwanese tycoons to Australian entrepreneurs, the revolution of mobile apps has taken the worlds by storm, spurring a lucrative market. In today’s technology-driven world, you can do almost anything through the apps in your smartphone as mobile app development companies come with better solutions to everyday tasks that make their client’s lives easy. A research report published by analytics and market data research company, App Annie, showed how mobile apps and their revenue are expected to increase significantly over the...Continue reading »

In a digital age, the need for companies to prepare for cyber attacks is more vital than ever. According to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the country is an attractive target for cyber crime syndicates due to the nation’s high use of modern technology and relative wealth. Breaches in security can devastate even the most resilient of businesses. Cyber attacks result in financial loss arising from the theft of corporate information, financial information, contracts, money and customer data. These incidents damage the...Continue reading »

So, you have finally launched your online shop, and everything is set. You have a compelling website, your branding is on point, and you have a great set of products. Now, what is next for you? The answer: getting clients to buy your products. But how do you do that? You need to get your business known first. Unfortunately, this is where most online entrepreneurs get stuck because they do not know how to promote their store. But being an online shop, it should actually be a no-brainer that you will need to invest heavily in digital marketing...Continue reading »

As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back at what your company has achieved and to think about what more it can achieve in the future. A year-ender analysis of every aspect, including online and offline marketing strategies, will prepare you for the challenges the new year will bring. The same aspects are used to assess your company’s achievements and losses for this year. Businesses have to do this so that they will know which aspects to maintain or improve to achieve success. The following aspects are especially important...Continue reading »

Most navigation systems require GPS simulation devices to test their functionality before deploying those in outer space, yet a new product of technology can lead to little or no dependence on satellite signals. Researchers from the Imperial College London in the UK have found a way for GPS-reliant products or equipment to function without navigation satellites. The development is, however, going to be quite tedious since small satellites have become popular. Safety Issues GPS navigation has been susceptible to signal jamming and spooking,...Continue reading »

Small businesses do not earn by just selling products but also through marketing. It’s what keeps the company alive. Entrepreneurs develop marketing strategies that will draw more people into the business. However, most of them use traditional marketing methods, like meeting people in person, cold calling, and giving out brochures. These procedures are useful, but they take too much time and energy. Online marketing methods include content, social media, and affiliate marketing. You can also try SEO services in Minnesota. Search engine...Continue reading »

More people in the UK are trading their office jobs with more freedom by shifting to self-employment. According to the data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), about 4.8 million of the population are already self-employed. It is a significant increase from only 3.3 million around 15 years ago. For these self-employed individuals, it’s always not about the money. A study among 5,000 workers from countries such as the UK, the United States, and New Zealand revealed that this group is the happiest for two reasons. First, they...Continue reading »

The last two decades have seen quite an evolution of quantity takeoff tools – vital elements of construction projects. Gone are the days of roller balls and paper plans; today, it’s all about technology reaching the shores of planning and estimation. The significant changes experienced by quantity takeoffs resulted in more accurate results and easier lives for contractors and estimators. After all, no one enjoys spending too much time counting windows, doors, and columns. Recently, companies dedicated to takeoff services developed...Continue reading »